Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Something New

Today was just as hot as yesterday and by the time we got back from Taiji class, neither the Bumper, nor Nana, nor I felt like eating anything warm, but since we had had smoothies the day before none of us were particularly enthused by that prospect. So the Bumper and Nana ate cold cereal and I had chia pudding for the first time.

Blog-land has been abuzz with chia recipes so I thought I would give it a whirl. I found a simple recipe : from Chocolate Covered Katie ( Last night I followed the instructions for soaking the seeds and this morning before class I checked on it. It was watery and the some of the seeds had stuck to the bottom. I gave the mixture a quick stir before going to the gym, and when I got back it had reached pudding like consistency.

 I used agave for my sugar and added nutmeg and cinnamon. Eagerly I gave it a taste. It was... different. I am not honestly sure I liked the taste, or the consistency. The Bumper liked the seeds raw, and she also liked them in pudding format.  I put the pudding in a blender and I liked the consistency better (plus the seeds did not get stuck in my teeth).

Overall I am glad I tried the chia pudding, and I think I will make it again for a treat using the chocolate version, but it will not be a breakfast staple for me.

P.S. Note to self: do not put the bananas in the blender with the pudding. The pudding tastes better with the bananas on top.


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