Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Me Time"

As a new mother ( although given Bumper is 17month I feel like a veteran) time to myself is practically non-existent. I used to find time for myself in the shower, but Bumper has decided to join me more often than not.( i take the opportunity to explain that mama takes a bath just like Bumper does) I used to go to the bathroom by myself, but the Bumper has decided to join me more often than not. (I, through gritted teeth, tell her someday she will be a big girl and use the potty like mama) I used to have early morning prayer - journal- blog time but--Hey wait I am doing that now *YAY* 15 stolen minutes that are mine all mine BWHAHAH!
In all seriousness I have discovered the need to refresh and renew each day; whether that is a snatched moment of silent prayer early in the morning, or taking Bumper on a walk so she will fall asleep in her stroller, or reading after she has gone to bed for the night.
When I take these moments I can then be more present for my little one. I can be patient, gentle, kind and understanding... at least most of the time.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things I am Grateful For Today

1.God's Love
2. My daughter "the Bumper"
3. Family willing to take me in
4. Bible devotions
5. Warm sunshine.
6. Food to eat.
7. Clean water to drink.
8. Clean clothes to wear.
9. The ability to smile and laugh.
10. A cozy bed t sleep in tonight.

I am blessed and God is good.