Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Co-Sleeping and other Confessions of a New Mom

Matt and I attended the bumper's baptism class this week. It was emphasized over and over that parents have the responsibility of teaching their children the faith. What a daunting task! Even now she watches how mama and daddy behave. As she grows older she will watch as we pray, read the Bible and try and live our faith.

Before the bumper was born I had a list of do's and don'ts that I planned to enthusiastically adhere to. I planned to have a natural childbirth ( see bumper's birth story), exclusively breast feed, use cloth diapers and the bumper would have a strict bed time in her own little crib. Ahem! Well it is four months later, and things have changed. I had to get real. I haven't adjusted any of my moral standards, I still believe in doing each of those things, but I had to accept that the bumper is a unique child with her own needs.

I had to supplement with formula because my milk didn't come in for nearly three weeks and that was with round the clock pumping! I still would like to use cloth diapers, but in the first few weeks after bumper's birth it was all I could do just to change her. I was recovering from my C-section and my husband was laid up with an injury, so disposables it was and is. We would still like to transition to cloth, but aren't really sure how as they don't seem to be readily available in the States. Last but not least the crib issue. My pediatrician and I have been at loggerheads over this one. I co-sleep. Yes that is right, the bumper shares my bed. I didn't want to, I resisted, but in the end I caved. It was the only way to get her to sleep at night. Before I let her sleep with me, she would wake to nurse and then wouldn't fall back asleep for several hours. I felt like I was awake 24/7!  It is not ideal, but now I can get some much needed rest.
She will not remember having slept with mama for the first few months of her life and she will move into her own bed someday, just as someday she will sleep through the night.:) I am learning her moods, and have the joy of watching her little personality develop. (Saying the word "purple" cracks her up.) I try not to worry about how I will teach her to know, love and serve God, but to pray for His guidance., knowing that I will make mistakes. I am learning to be flexible and not too hard on myself. The most important thing I can do for my daughter is to love her and God will take care everything else.