Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Me Time"

As a new mother ( although given Bumper is 17month I feel like a veteran) time to myself is practically non-existent. I used to find time for myself in the shower, but Bumper has decided to join me more often than not.( i take the opportunity to explain that mama takes a bath just like Bumper does) I used to go to the bathroom by myself, but the Bumper has decided to join me more often than not. (I, through gritted teeth, tell her someday she will be a big girl and use the potty like mama) I used to have early morning prayer - journal- blog time but--Hey wait I am doing that now *YAY* 15 stolen minutes that are mine all mine BWHAHAH!
In all seriousness I have discovered the need to refresh and renew each day; whether that is a snatched moment of silent prayer early in the morning, or taking Bumper on a walk so she will fall asleep in her stroller, or reading after she has gone to bed for the night.
When I take these moments I can then be more present for my little one. I can be patient, gentle, kind and understanding... at least most of the time.

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