Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Fridge Runneth Over

One of the ways I dish  up a quick lunch is to use leftovers, and this weekend produced quite a generous quantity! I took the lead in cooking for my birthday party on Sunday. I made a curry coconut lentil stew, and a cashew cream cake. Both were vegan and both were delicious! The hostess sent us home with a rice noodle dish normally made with a fish sauce and featuring pork and chicken, but  she made it with green  beans and tofu for me. Another friend served a up a curried carrot and cabbage dish, that was accidentally vegan. So for today's lunch I used up the last of the lentils along with a salad and warm flat bread.  The nice thing about doing a lot of cooking on the weekend is the rest of the week is a snap. I really won't have to make lunch or dinner until tomorrow night. Unfortunately  I do not have any pictures of the cream cake, because it got eaten up too fast!

Happy Eating

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