Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Favorite Brownie

Brownies are the ubiquitous go- to -mom -is- in -a- hurry -and- what- to- bring- to the-church picnic/potluck/picnic/informal gathering dessert.  The trouble is most brownie mixes require at least an egg if not eggs and milk. What is an aspiring vegan mom to do? Chocolate Covered Katie once again comes to the rescue with her black bean brownies ( ). The first thing I am going to do is ask you to put away your skepticism. I can envision the raised eyebrows and the groans. I too was a little dubious at first, I mean beans in a dessert really? Then I thought for a little bit. I have always liked those sweet red bean paste desserts at Chinese restaurants so I was willing to give the brownies a try.

Oh My! They are so good! The brownies turn out moist and chewy and very chocolaty. They have become my go to brownie recipe and my family likes them better than traditional brownies. I like that I can sneak some healthy goodness into dessert. As for the beans? I have found that most people can't taste them until they are told (then they swear they could taste them all along, but I know better). I won't sugar coat this these are not an easy dessert for me to make because I only have a small mini blender so it takes some time to get the beans smooth enough so the texture is not gritty. The brownies, are well worth the effort. To borrow from Dr. Seuss: Try them, Try them, you will see, you will like them just like me!

Happy Eating!

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