Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lazy Man's or Woman's Tex-Mex Black beans

Black beans are my favorite beans. I first fell in love with the little darlings in college where I was introduced to black bean dip. Unlike the fickle lentil with whom I have had an on again off again love affair since the Peace Corps (very bad food poisoning and that is all I am saying), black beans have been a constant and stalwart dining companion.
Dried beans are cheaper, and I don't mind soaking them overnight but sometimes the hungry hoards (In my case a very impatient 3year old) can not wait. Then it is lazy Tex-Mex black beans all the way.
It is so easy and I don't even mind when the Bumper starts stealing the whole beans, I just have to get it on the table before that happens. This dish is so smack yourself on the head simple that I am almost ashamed to blog about it -- almost.

 Step One - Take a 16oz can of black beans drain and rinse.

Step Two - Open Once jar of salsa of your choice. I love homemade salsa and Nana makes a very
good one, and if you have very patient children, or none at all, go ahead and make your own. I have neither the time nor the inclination to visit the ER after the Bumper has gotten jalapeno in her eyes.

Step Three- Combine the two.

You are done.

If you are feeling really lazy serve as is. I try to at least pair it with tortilla chips, and most times I go for brown rice and a green salad on the side. When mangoes are in season I throw throw those in there two. This dish can be serve hot or cold, with avocado or not. The hardest part of this dish is trying serve it before all the individual components get eaten. See how easy eating vegan can be?

Happy Eating

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