Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beach Day!

I am quite fortunate in that I live about thirty minutes from the beach and last week I was definitely in need of some beach board walk time. I normally prefer the quiet solitude of  Assateague Island but this was an emergency! I needed the vibrant energy of the Ocean City Boardwalk to take my mind off the heavy stuff I have been dealing with. So I packed up the Bumper and the babysitter and off we went


The day was a bit blustery and chilly, but we were undaunted. The Bumper wanted to speed straight for the sand and surf, but I wanted to check out, My Nature, a new raw/vegan restaurant on the boardwalk (that will be a later post).




After getting my mango cobbler fix we headed out. The Bumper made sand angels, chased seagulls and even rode a motorcycle. She had  a marvelous time and I had a marvelous time watching her! 

The hardest part was convincing her to leave when it was time to head for home, but head for home we eventually did. We were all tired, sandy and spirit refreshed.


Being out and about with all those other people having fun renewed my energy and filled me with positive thoughts, so much so that I tried a brand new exercise class, and wrote a few pages on my new novel.



P.S And made more Granny Bunting Triangles of course!


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  1. Yes, time at the beach is such a boost to the spirit. It looks like you had a great time there.

    Happy crocheting!