Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sock It To Me

I don't know what possessed me to think that knitting a pair of socks would be easy. I think I was lured in by the fantastic looking pair on the Crochet with Raymond blog. They were a tranquil aquamarine that is one of my favorite colors. I wanted them, then I read a little further and discovered that the pair I so desired were not bought, but made. I went hunting for the pattern the next thing I knew I had four balls of sock yarn and a collection of DPN's (Double Pointed Needles) I figured I could already crochet why not knit?

I was so wrong.

 Crocheting granny squares is a walk in the park compared to knitting on DPN's and it took me two years to learn how to make a granny square! Yet I remained undaunted. I started with the basic chain to re-learn crochet, so I started with a basic cast on and garter stitch to learn knitting. After making a dishcloth, I decided to try the object of my desire and cast on for my very first pair of socks. For months I have worked on this project, only able to knit in about five to ten minutes stretches before the Bumper has needed my attention or gotten into mischief. I successfully made the cuff, but thereafter the sock kept getting bigger. Undeterred, I knit on and on until I had turned the heel, done the gusset and started on the foot proper; then something happened that halted all progress. I dropped several stitches without realizing it. I was knitting merrily along and all of a sudden there was a huge, honking HOLE in my sock. I froze in mute horror, as I came to grips with the knowledge that I was going to have to rip back all of those months of work and start over. I was not amused, I was downright demoralized. Then I remembered the  P's - Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.
I took a deep breath and cast on another sock.
 So I give you- My First Sock Part 2:

Now I think I'll go crochet another baby hat to make myself feel better.


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