Friday, October 17, 2014

Randomly on a Friday

1. I tried to give up caffeine, I really did, and for a while I was a lemon water and cayenne pepper devotee. Then the Bumper got sick, and I got sick and Nana got sick, and there were one too many all nighters, and well all I can say is if you tried to take my coffee from me this week  you probably came back with a nub instead of a hand.

2. The weather has been deliciously warm and breezy, perfect for planting the bulbs for next Spring.

3. The scarf for Nana is coming along nicely and I finished a second baby hat.

4. This bouquet of Autumn blooms is gracing my kitchen table thanks to the Bumper who wanted to make it pretty.

5. Yesterday I spent the day introducing the Bumper to the wonder that is watercolor (washable) painting.

Have a good weeeknd,

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