Monday, October 6, 2014

A Quick Word

Your regularly scheduled blog: aka Meatless Monday, has been interrupted by the pre-school
plague. Last when when I declared a sick child trumped blogging and Vegan Month of Food I was no I idea I was setting myself up for a week of illnesses. First the Bumper, got sick , then I got sick - two whole days in bed-- then I got well enough to be the parent helper at the Bumper's pre-school. Unfortunately while I was there one of her classmates decided to cough right into my face! You gotta love three year old's. So I got sick again, and now Nana is sick. The Bumper is completely recovered.

While I was sick I did manage to get a little crochet done. I made a baby hat for one of my exercise instructors who is due later this month. I love making baby hats, they are quick and cute. Now please excuse me while I go rewash all the bedding and disinfect all porous surfaces.


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