Thursday, August 7, 2014

Random Thoughts on Thursday

Marigolds remind me that Autumn is coming
Summer is fast slipping away. I feel like a kid again, because I have been fortunate enough to witness this Summer through the Bumper's eyes. We have gone to the park, made ice-pops and ice-cream from scratch, we have blown bubbles, played soccer in the front yard and run through the sprinklers in the back. This summer has been cooler than most, which has meant more days outside. The Bumper is all for playing outside and I am all for letting her!

I have taken an Algebra course and survived. I will be taking a computer course this fall when the Bumper goes back to school. I have also started free-lance editing/copy reading. I am enjoying it so much!

I am in a bit of a creative backlog. My mind is swimming with all the things I want to do. I have two or three new novel/short story ideas, I have socks to finish. A hat and two infinity scarves to finish by Christmas and the Bumper is under the delusion that her mama can sew. She has requested a monkey costume, a dragon costume and a new dress. I wonder if I can persuade her to get interested in pipe cleaners and construction paper?

I am over run with zucchini. I have roasted it, sauteed it, eaten it raw and baked it into muffins.
I have started taking Tai-Chi which is harder than it looks. I am picking up my Yoga practice and cutting down on the caffeine. While the good weather lasts I am taking long walks in the evening
and I am amazed at how quickly the sun is setting now.

The Bumper and I have started a tradition of reading Bible stories at bedtime on Sundays.

All in all life is thrumming along and we are finding a new rhythm. Our house may not be the neatest, the meals I cook are not always homemade and sometimes dinner is eaten in the living room instead of at the table, but the the Bumper is content. I know because one day as we were pulling into the driveway she announced "I like our house, we have a happy home."

God is good. It is only because of Him that we find purpose and contentment.


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