Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wishful Thinking

The Bumper goes back to school, how odd that sounds given she is only three and a half, on September 8th. She and I are both excited, but for very different reasons I suspect. We met with her new Teacher today, but the Bumper was more impressed with the classroom toys! Much to the Bumper's delight many of her classmates from last year are with her in the new class so she already has lots of friends. There will be some changes this year as she will be attending three days instead of two (one more day is quite a lot in the the eyes of a child). This year she gets to participate in the Thanksgiving play and the Nativity play, plus her class will be taking trips to the local gymnasitics studio, the zoo, and the dentist.
Now that we have only two more weeks to prepare the pressure is on to re-establish some routines that were left by the wayside during these carefree summer months. The Bumper will have to start getting up early again, which means (insert dramatic drum-roll) she will go to bed early and I will have some extra free time in the evenings.  At least that is my plan, we shall see because last year the
only thing I felt like doing during that extra time was sleep.
Of course I can not help planning all of the wonderful things I want to do with the six hours a week I  will have to myself: work on my novel, finish the housework in a timely fashion, write my graduate school essay, actually have time for morning prayer and Bible reading, blog, knit, crochet, finish, my two pending short stories, bake bread, sew, do the grocery shopping, finish the books I have been reading, meal plan, eat my breakfast without interruption -- ooh I get giddy just thinking about it all! Or I might just catch up on some sleep.
At the moment though all these plans will have to wait as I am on my way out the door, Bumper in tow,  to go to Yoga and Zumba class.


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