Thursday, August 14, 2014

Random Thoughts on Thursday

Sunset is what this week felt like

This week has flown by in such a blur that I have barely had time to sit down an think, let alone write, knit, or crochet. I even wrote a Meatless Monday post, but I still haven't gotten around to posting it.

What is on my mind most this week are the events in Iraq, and in Ferguson, Missouri USA, and the persistent Ebola outbreak.

Most of the time I can live in my little domestic bubble, concerned with the day to day of raising the Bumper, trying to find work, going back to school, grieving, keeping up with the housework, writing, knitting, and crochet. This week however the headlines have grabbed my attention. I have been praying for everyone of those situations. Praying for the sick in Africa, praying for the persecuted in Iraq, and praying for the sorrowing and desperate in Missouri. I am also praying for the for the doctors and aide-workers, the policemen and the protesters, the government ministers and the militants in Iraq.

I have spent a lot of time on my knees this week.

The Bumper had another first this week. She received her first bicycle and went for her very first ride. I am torn. One part of me is really proud of her because even though she fell down, she kept getting back up until she could pedal up and down the driveway by herself (with training wheels), another part of me is sad because this is another way I know she fast leaving babyhood and toddler-hood behind and becoming a full fledged kid.
There she goes!

I started the heel on my sock. I am excited to see how the thing finally turns out.
Sock start -- I hope.

I have promised myself that I will cast on the second sock as soon as the first is finished-- no matter what it looks like.

I quit drinking coffee this week. This week feels very very long.


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