Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Sweet Summertime


Summer seems to rush by in such a blur. It seems like I spent all winter just waiting for these warm days and then I blink and they are gone, yet  I am thoroughly enjoying the days as they crawl by. One of the things I am enjoying most is watching the Bumper play. Now that the days are warm and the evenings linger until the sun makes its way to bed sometime around eight or nine, the Bumper can stay outside longer.

She can go to the park more. She can run around under the sprinkler while Nana waters the garden. This year she discovered fireflies and she takes great delight in looking for them as soon as it starts to get dark. I love watching her excitement and usually end up running races with her as we chase them down. We take a trip to our local zoo at least once or twice a week. The Bumper likes looking at the animals and I like the walk. The beach is not very far away either so there are days when we just get in the car and go in the early evening after the crowds have left.

My favorite activity so far this summer was the day we spent down at Jane's Island Campground. Two of our good friends, Ray and Jenny Gable,  were camping down there and invited us to come and join them. It was a place just down the road from us and one we didn't even know existed. I for one am glad we discovered it. The Bumper was enchanted from the start. She loved being next to the water, and taking nature hike with Nana. Along the way we found pine cones, listened to the birds, looked for turtles, and climbed a tower which allowed to see almost to the Chesapeake Bay. My favorite part of the day came at night. Ray became Master of the Fire Pit as we all waited until he told us that the flame was just the right height for---- drum roll please -- toasting marshmallows! That weekend I inducted the Bumper into the time honored camping tradition of s'more making. I will confess that the combination of graham cracker, chocolate, and hot marshmallow was much more appealing when I was seven, as an adult I find s'mores far too sweet, but who am I to nay say tradition? The Bumper adored the processes of toasting marshmallows-- especially seeing the the marshmallows become little fireballs!
View of the Canal

Hi Mom!

Sunset- almost time!

Watching the Master

Not too close
 The s'mores were kind of take them or leave them, but she took delight in her homemade torches. At the end of the evening we took home a thoroughly worn out and sticky Bumper. I could not have asked for a better way to spend the day. Next year we hope to take the Bumper camping overnight. I am looking forward to sharing that experience with her. In the meantime we will be enjoying picking tomatoes, chasing fireflies and blowing bubbles. Summer is sweet.


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