Thursday, July 17, 2014

Green Grows the Garden

Sprinkler Fun
As much as I wanted too, I really haven't been out in the garden much at all this summer. I had high hopes, dreams, and aspirations, but then reality snuck up and bit me. In theory organic gardening is an environmentally friendly way to give my family wholesome, unprocessed food. Images of strolling out into the back yard and having plump ripe tomatoes fall off into my waiting hands came into my mind, bright heads of lettuce practically jumped into my bowl and the sweet peas practically shelled themselves.

In real life not so much. In real life gardening is a lot of hard work. There is the planting, the weeding, and the watering; all of it must be done fairly consistently or the garden will not grow. While my spirit may have been willing, my hands, back and feet were not as enthusiastic. If the Bumper had her way we would be outside everyday, all day, but while she enjoys 'helping' most of the time her efforts have been destructive rather than productive a fact which has frustrated her Nana no end.

When the Bumper is with me she is well behaved. When the Bumper is with her Nana she is well behaved. When the Bumper is with the two of us, however, she turns into a running, screaming, refusing to listen, little terror. (I love my daughter dearly, but I would be struck down where I stand if I proclaimed she was a perfect angel). The point being Nana has banished us from the garden until harvest time.  On the upside my herb pots are bursting at the seams and I have made daily use of fresh parsley, basil and mint.

In a completely different vein I am unable to participate in Yarndale this year. I finished my mandala, but it was far too big! By the time I realized that it was too late for me to make another since I was in the middle of my College Algebra class. Nana is very happy with this development because now she has a lovely new table decoration. I have been steadliy working on the bumpers blanket and it is growing, just not as fast as she is. The Bumper is quite pleased with the  progress because now it covers her from chest to toes. I have been bitten by the knitted sock bug and am currently trying to make my first pair, and like the Bumper's blanket progress is slow but steady. Lucy at Attic 24 has also finally posted her Bower bird pattern and I can't wait to try it! Combine all that with writing a short story, working on my novel, getting my Graduate School application package ready, and I am one busy lady. Of course my life would not be complete without the daily, wonderful, exhilerating, exasperating challenging task of raising the Bumper. I am still finding my rythm and my niche, but I am definately enjoying the journey.
Bumper and Hangus

P.S. Pulled some luscious
Kale out of the garden and will be having that with supper. Life is good.


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