Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nesting Instinct - Well kind of


Snicker doodles
We have entered the time of year here on the East Coast of the or rather Mid-Atlantic or the United States, when the weather starts to cool down and the crock pots start to heat up. It is time to, or nearly, to break out the sweater and head out into the woods. It is time to put away the swimsuits, much to the Bumper's dismay, and take out the running shoes, summer gardening is being replaced by baking and crafting. I am enjoying this. I am ready to make hearty soups, stews, and chili, I am ready for apple pie. Okay I do have to wait a few more weeks for the crisp tart apples just right for pie and apple butter, but I can dream! Kale and cornbread will feature heavily this Autumn, they are two things I like to cook and the Bumper likes to eat. Of course weather or not I actually do any of this remains to be seen, but for some reason fall brings out my inner domestic goddess wanna be and that includes crafts.
Every year around this time I convince my self that I can learn to sew, knit , crochet, spin and felt with the best of them and give my self all sorts of ambitious projects to work on. This year will be different! (please insert maniacal laugh) I have given my self two goals:
 1. Sew an apron
 2. Finish the throw the Bumper's Nana wants by Christmas
I am working on a new crochet project for the Bumper's Nana, she requested I make her a Granny Square throw. Since I am addicted to making Granny Squares, I am happy to oblige. I love how relaxing crochet is. I feel so  much better when I have knocked out a couple of squares. I am not wild about her color scheme, but she likes it and that is what matters. I can't decide if I should do  two-toned squares or single color in a patchwork design.  My next step is to find a simple full coverage apron pattern. Wish me success!  I did not make the curry yesterday so I will make it today, the mushrooms did not make it to the table either, but the Bumper and I gorged ourselves on ripe tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt ( yeah I know not vegan of me but we do not have access to soy yogurt here) dill and mint. Yummy!



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