Monday, September 23, 2013

Meatless Monday

Ok. I cave. I give in. It is official. Autumn is here and I thought the best way to celebrate would be to try out some hearty autumnal type recipes:

For Breakfast:
Pumpkin Oatmeal
Hazelnut Coffee

For Lunch
Sautéed Mushrooms
The last of the cumbers and tomatoes

Some sort of curry or soup.

These are my good intentions anyway. I might get carried away by the glorious weather, bright blue skies, a slight chill in the air, packing up some peanut butter and jam sandwiches and spend the rest of the day at the park with the Bumper.
Yesterday the Bumper and I had some surprise visitors from out of town, who had never been to our part of the country before. What did we do? We took them to the beach of course. Our visitors got a kick out of the Bumper very fussily ordering everyone to hurry up and go when she wasn't even dressed yet! The Bumper loves to be out of doors and in weather like today's I couldn't agree more. I don't really have a favorite time of year, but I do enjoy mid-September. It is not to hot, nor too cold, it is just right!



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