Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Yesterday was the Bumper's first day of pre-school. I don't know who was more excited! For once I had no trouble getting her to eat her breakfast. In fact the Bumper was dressed and ready to go by 9: 45am - a record for her!  I was a little nervous, but just as I predicted she shouted : "Bye - Mom!" when I walked her to her classroom, and she did not look back. It was a bittersweet moment.
My baby isn't a baby anymore. She is two year old little girl full of spunk and personality. I cherish being a stay at home mom for the Bumper during this season of her life. Yesterday, was the beginning of the end of that season. Yes right now it is only two days a week for a couple  of hours, but in a few short years she will be in school all day. *sigh*
I spent the time meeting, in the café at the school, with the other first time parents. We exchanged our hopes and worries, and before I knew it; I was greeting and enthusiastic Bumper who proudly gave me her very first painting!
I am so very blessed to enjoy such little things!


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  1. Great, Kim. She's got confidence to go off without her mum like that. My Beeper had anxiety when ever I left her with strangers. It became nerve wracking. Your Bumper looks happy and I'm happy for you. You're doing a good job.