Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Here it is Wednesday already! This week has just been zooming by! Sunday I had a sleepless night as the Bumper is afraid of thunderstorms and kept both of us awake. On Monday we had such severe weather that the internet kept going in and out I couldn't even stay online long enough to check my email let alone anything else. Monday night I decided to take a sleeping pill. That was a BIG mistake! Yesterday I was so groggy and out of it, I could not get any thing done. I kept trying to write, or clean, or crochet, but just kept sitting and staring. I finally accepted that I just needed to rest, drink plenty of water and try and get the rest of the drug out of my system. It is chamomile tea for me from here on out. So I settled my myself of the sofa and let Nana watch the Bumper. Well the Bumper wasn't having any of that! She wanted to be with mama, and on mama, and under mama. It wasn't until very late last night that the Bumper finally settled down. So what with one thing and another I decided o not give myself a hard time for the things I wanted to get done, but could not.

 It may not be what I had planned for my week, but it is what God has given me. I am making the most of it. I think the hardest part was giving myself permission to be out of commission a couple of days. Life happens and that is just fine with me. Oh Yeah, the Bumper stress eats raw Broccoli, more on that later, life is grand.



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  1. I am pleased to see that you, and the Bumper are doing well. She has grown into a beautiful little girl since I last saw her. Your blog is captivating. I read each post some more than once. You are a gifted writer. I see the things that you describe as if I were there with you. You are the type of writer who allows the reader to escape through the written word. I love you my sister. I am proud of the mother and woman of God that you have blossomed into. You have found your voice. I knew the mother lioness would do whatever necessary to protect her cub.

    I pray that God will continue to guide Bumper, Nana and you.