Monday, July 22, 2013

Living Simply or Simply Living

What does living simply mean? What does living plainly mean? What does homemaking mean? I have, thanks to Rhoda Jean, over at Down to Earth ( been thinking a lot about this.

When I first got married I had a certain notion of what a homemaker did, and I researched, read blogs, and came up with plans and strategies to implement my vision. When things finally seemed to be falling into place in that regard, the rest of my marriage fell apart and I found myself a refugee at my Mom's house. Well a year later I am redefining what it means for me to be a homemaker. I find myself looking at the word quite literally - to make a home.  I am in the process of doing just that. I am making a home for the Bumper and myself. I am learning the art of being and adult child living at home. I have discovered that is not so much about how well I keep the house clean, although that is important, but more about the little ways I make sure we are comfortable and content. It is about the mealtimes, the story times, the bath times and bedtimes. It is about taking the time to play with the Bumper, to teach the Bumper and to discipline the Bumper. It is about keeping the door open and creating a welcoming, loving atmosphere for family and friends. For me being a homemaker means creating a home regardless of where I live.

I will cover simple living and plain living in another post.

I am going on vacation this week. We are traveling to see Nana's family in St. Louis MO. This will be the first time the Bumper has gone on an extended car trip. I am going to try and keep posting  will on vacation, but I will see how it goes. I will be back for sure next Wednesday.



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