Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Meatless Saturday-- I mean Monday!

We had our first official harvest from the garden this weekend, and it was wonderful!. We feasted on fresh tomatoes, green beans, peppers, yellow squash and eggplant. Oh Yum!, Yummy and did I say Yum?

 In addition to what we had harvested, while we were at the gym, the Bumper picked out a cumber from the basket our gym instructor's garden, I do not have and pictures of the cumber because the Bumper ate it before I could get my camera.

It was truly a family effort to get supper on the table Saturday night. The Bumper picked the vegetables, I chopped them up ( the Bumper nibbled the raw veggies as I chopped) and Nana, marinated them in a wonderfully simple olive oil and herb mixture. We were all ready to fire up the grill, but the weather did not cooperated. It rained, but we were undaunted we popped the tray in to the oven and roasted the little suckers. They were delicious, although the Bumper was not fond of the  texture of the roasted eggplant --she preferred the crisp, lightly steamed green beans. We rounded off the meal with my busy mom's go to Black-bean and mango salsa and East Indian flat bread.

Tonight promises to be more of the same except with the addition of fresh corn on the cob and watermelon. Oh I do love the summertime!



P.S. Tonight's the night! Fire up the grill! I have some eggplant that is just begging for char marks, I can hardly wait!

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