Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Woodsy Walk and Getting Ready to Run

Let's Explore
A few Sundays ago it warmed up enough to freeze anything important and it wasn't raining, so the Bumper, Nana and I went for a little walk in the woods. At first I was reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort of home, but the Bumper coaxed me into it reminding me the just the other day I was lamenting the fact that I don't get as much exercise as I would like. "Walking is exercise, mom, and it is fun!" She told me. Who am I to argue, especially as I want to instill the values of cherishing and respecting the environment. The Bumper can't learn to appreciate nature if I never take her out in it.
Where the woods meets the marsh

We didn't venture out until late in the afternoon and the sun is still setting early, which made it a short walk. Short or not the Bumper marveled at the things she saw: deer tracks, moss on the trees, and "prickle trees" as she calls green briar. As I watched the Bumper listen with fascinated attention to Nana answer each of her questions, I was taken back to my own childhood when Nana took my sister and I on nature walks and explained how all the things we saw were connected: my heart filled with gratitude that the Bumper is learning these same things and spending time with my mother.

I know there will come a day when the Bumper won't be so eager to go walking with her Nana and I, she will be more in her friends than splashing in puddles, and she will want treats that are not as simple as watching the sun set or making snow syrup. I did not want to go out, but I am glad I did. The Bumper was right walking is fun.  Now that the days are enlightening and slowly warming up ( I am optimistically ignoring the cold snap headed our way this week) I will be venturing outdoors more and more, even if I do need the occasional push  from my daughter.

Running Shoes
In order to facilitate that particular goal I entered my very first 5k (3.1mile) race on Friday. I have never run before, but I want to do this because a) it will help get me in better shape and b) because I want to see if I can. The run will be held on April 25 and benefit our local zoo. I can not decide if I am excited or scared. I started training on Saturday and was it ever hard! I alternated jogging for 60 sec with walking for 90 seconds of walking for 20mins. I barely made it, but I made it! My muscles are still sore. Well, I won't get to my goal if I don't keep trying.

If the weather is warm enough to get outside and play I say go for it!


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