Monday, June 22, 2015

Meatless Monday- Fire Up the Grill

Roses, not asparagus, but very pretty
Two words: Grilled Asparagus.

I had never had grilled asparagus before yesterday. Having it grilled changed the way I viewed this under appreciated vegetable. It was bright green and tender with out being mushy. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures, because it got eaten before I could take any. Nana brushed it with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, wrapped it in foil and put it on the grill.

Fun in the water
Yesterday was father's day here in the States. First I lit a candle, in the Bumper's Dad's memory, at church, the we spent the rest of the day with the Bumper's godfather, who is a great dad in his own right, and his family. The Bumper played outside until dark, and the rest of us chatted either on the back porch or inside the house where it was cool. A quiet (not really because the Bumper was very loud) Sunday with family and friends.
Hope your weekend was as pleasant.


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