Monday, June 15, 2015

Meatless Monday- Too Hot to Cook

Summertime tends to lend itself to meatless eating. The weather gets hot and indoor cooking is best done outdoors on the grill. I hope to write and inspiring post about bountiful berries and fresh from the garden vegetables done up on the grill. This is not that post. It is too hot and humid. So for Meatless Monday I bring you: Salad. Yep, salad. Not just any salad though, Fast Food Salad. (Please cue dramatic horror theme of your choice).

When the family decides to bring home fast food, depending on where they go, it can be a disaster. Most of the time as a vegetarian the options are quite limited, and as a vegan they can be worse. I am thinking about the ubiquitous ice-berg lettuce salad with large wedges of tastesless tomatoes a few scraps of carrot, onion and covered in cheese (left off for the vegans). So the salad Nana brought home was quite a surprise. It featured mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes,  and edamame with a spicy vingarette that was alos vegan, all Nana had to do was ask for the chickedn to be left off! I was impressed and grateful. The landscape is not as bleak as it used to be.


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