Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

I had all these plans to write blog daily: meatless Mondays, and Friday focus and all that, but then I got sick. I am talking lie down or fall down sick, for nearly three weeks. I love springtime. I really do and I have lots of lovely springtime pictures to share, but winter must give me annual amnesia because I always forget that spring is when everything thing blooms, and as pretty as the blossoms and flowers are it also means nature is out to get me. I have nasty seasonal allergies so until we get the first good spring rain shower every time I venture out of doors my eyes turn red and itchy and I sneeze, sniff and cough constantly.  As far as I am concerned that does not make for great blog fodder. Neither does breaking my left pinkie toe. I was helping out a neighbor and whacked it on a chair.
On the up side. I have been writing more on my novel. I finished a hat for a friend and started making more baby hats because the Bumper saw fit to confiscate the last batch and use them for her baby dolls.
I spent the last days of February and most of March eagerly awaiting Spring. I had my camera at the
ready and I was going to promptly put  the pictures of all the pretty flowers on my Blog, but it seems that no sooner did I take them the weather changed and now the trees are all green with nary a blossom in sight!  One day bare branches, the blossoms and the day after that BOOM green trees.

Last Saturday, April 18th, would have been my 6th wedding anniversary. Even though we went to a birthday party for one of the Bumper's friends, the day still felt a little sad. I couldn't help but reflect on my wedding day. A more perfect one I could not have asked for, warm, full of spring flowers, a celebration with friends and family. I remember how we held hands and sang our favorite hymns, how our friends and family rallied to provide the decorations, and the music for our first dance. One of our friends, who has also passed away even organized games for the guest to play.  Then I remember what we became after the verbal abuse started, and my husbands illness grew worse. It was not until near the end, that I finally began to understand what a toll his illness took on his mental state, his health, and our marriage. It makes me sad, and yet even more grateful for the Bumper's health.


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