Thursday, November 6, 2014

Randomly on Thursday

1. This past week the trees around here have started to really show their colors, even on grey days the golden yellows and fiery reds cheer me up.

2. I think I am aiding and abetting the secret fruit fly plot for world domination. The little beggars are everywhere!

3. The orders have been placed and for the first time ever I will be hand knitting / crocheting gifts for my family this Christmas. Of course if all else fails gift certificates also work.

4. We are headed out of town for Thanksgiving, and I am glad. I am having a hard enough time keeping myself together without the added stress of cooking for a large number of people. This time of year is bringing back some especially painful memories for me and most days I have a hard time not crying or screaming.

5. The Bumper has decided she wants to build rocket ships, fortunately for me she is content with crayons and large boxes.

6.  I am still working on the sock, but Nana's scarf is done and I will post pictures tomorrow.

7. Both baby hats were well received by the Moms and I am glad. I like making things and it is a double bonus when those things are useful and give pleasure to someone else.