Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why I No Longer Pray for Patience

The Bumper picked these
The Bumper is three years old. The Bumper is only three years old. I sometimes repeat this to myself several times a day. Yesterday was one of those days. Yes we did have a lovely time together, but the Bumper also decided it was a day to feel her three-ness. This meant she tried my patience at every turn. I am not proud of this, but I lost my temper. I should have known better, after all I am the adult right? I did see the warning signs so I should have been the model of Christian gentleness and forgiveness right? Not so much.
Merry Blue-bells
Any time I told her to do something, she wanted to do just the opposite. If I suggested lunch, she claimed she wasn't hungry. If I told her to draw in her coloring book, she drew (or tried to any way) on the walls. If I said sit she stood. If I wanted to go outside, she wanted to stay in. She yelled at me and I yelled back. It all ended with both of us in tears and a time out. Later after she had pulled the magnets from the fridge down for the umpteenth time. She stopped, turned around, looked at me and said "I'm sorry mom,".
Pretty Blossoms
"For what?" I asked with the last tattered remains of my patience and dignity.
The Bumper just shrugged her little shoulders, and repeated: "I'm sorry."
Then I knew, her apology wasn't just for the magnets it was for the whole day. She wanted to start over, and so did I. So with the stars high in the sky, we snuggled down under a fuzzy blanket, and I read her her favorite bedtime story; when she fell asleep I kissed her forehead and whispered goodnight.
That was yesterday and it is in the past. Today we get to start anew.
Nana's hat is almost done!


  1. I had lots of days like that when my Beeper was little. Tantrums and stubbornness day after day. Those are grape hyacinths, not blue bells. They are only little a short while. thank God.

    1. Thank You for the correction. My mom said they were bluebells. Thanks also for the encouragement.