Monday, April 7, 2014

Getting Out

Okay the crazy weather has had us outside in the yard in shorts one day and eating snow cream the next. I am thoroughly confused, but the Bumper is enjoying herself tremendously. This past weekend we had such a spell of mild weather that it has finally begun to feel like Spring. The daffodils are out in profusion, as if they are making up for lost time, everyday this past week the Bumper has put a vase of them on the table. The trees are also starting to blossom, first the yellow forsythia, then the cherry blossoms, and the Bradford pears. They are a sight for bare branch weary eyes.
A robin

The blossoms are not what has me really excited, what has me really excited is that we spent Saturday and Sunday outside. That's right! The Bumper and I got to breathe the fresh air and soak up the warm spring sunshine. Saturday, I think, was the Bumper's favorite day. We went to a little festival and she got to play musical chairs for the first time, she won a little pony, and she got to play on the moon bounce. Trampolines and inflatables are the Bumper's favorite outside activity. She can play on them for hours and on Saturday she did just that. We we got home she spent time with Nana in the garden, and I got another vase full of flowers. On Sunday we spent the afternoon outside again, she fed the outside cats and spent sometime just happily digging in the dirt. Nana had a special surprise for her on Sunday afternoon. Nana had bought the Bumper a jump-rope and for the rest of the day I attempted to teach her how to jump rope. I am not sure who had more fun!


There she goes!

Alas all good things, as they say, must end and Monday morning we were greeted by rain, and brisk winds. I dutifully planned indoor activities for the Bumper - play-dough, coloring, and an indoor picnic lunch. The Bumper however, did not see why a perfectly good puddle jumping day should go to waste. I protested at first, and then realized I was fighting the wrong battle. Since my little one wanted to play outside why was I not encouraging her? So I let her splash in the puddles at the school yard to her heart's content. I wish I had had my camera with me. The Bumper came home thoroughly soaked and muddy, but very very happy. Tuesday is supposed to be sunny and mild and I hope to be outdoors once again.


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