Friday, February 7, 2014

School Days

The hardest part of being snowed in is that the Bumper cannot go to school. I love having the Bumper at home with me, but she loves going to school. The Bumper enjoys school because she gets to learn new things and she gets to play with other children. One of the things that I like about the Bumper's school is they require parents o volunteer, now I realize that this my be hard when both parents are working; but since I am staying home I am able to do so.

The last couple of times my turn came around we were snowed out, so last Wednesday I finally got the chance to be in school with Marie. It was not my first time volunteering, and this time I knew more of what to expect; or so I thought. Marie's regular teacher had an appointment  and she had left her assistant teacher in charge. There must be some unspoken rule of childhood that says when there is a substitute that is the time to test ALL the boundaries, because that is exactly what those ten little three year old's did. It seemed like if the teacher said "sit" they stood, if she said "walk" they ran. They have all also reached the tattling stage. Yikes! Every time I thought things would settle down, someone spit, or hit, or wouldn't share.

In spite of all the drama and chaos, the kids actually managed to complete their unit on  penguins and polar bears and go to music class without any mishaps. I think their favorite part of the day was circle time when they got to name the days of the week and check what the weather was like outside. Story time came in at a close second, although I don't think the assistant teacher appreciated all ten kids trying to sit on her lap at once! For me snack time was the highlight of the day; I got to witness a classroom full of kids, whom the media would have a person believe can not eat anything other than chicken nuggets and pizza happily munching on raw carrots! The Bumper very proudly said the grace and told her classmates that carrots were yummy food.

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