Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ten Things My Child Has Taught Me

It has been two years and nearly four months since I became the Bumper's mom. Here are ten things I have learned:

1. Start each day with Prayer.

2. If she is quiet she is usually into something. Sometimes it is a good something, like when I caught her looking at one of her books and she looks up at me proudly saying :"I read!" Sometimes it is not such a good thing, like when I caught her dumping the soil from the potted plants into her boots and she looks up at me proudly saying "I bake!"

3. Her first words may have been "Dada" and "Fish", but her favorite words are "No!" and "Mine!"

4. Pink Disney Princess light up snow boots are the perfect accessory to any outfit, including pajamas.

5. The five major food groups are: broccoli, crackers, cheese, green beans, and apples. That is until she changes her mind in which case they are: air, dirt, cat food, water, and juice.

6. Privacy is dead.

7. Sometimes Mom is the one who needs a 'time out'.

8. A kiss will heal all hurts, and little arms give big hugs.

9. The strength and duration of a temper tantrum increases according to the number of witnesses and my level of embarrassment.

10. End each day with Prayer.

The Serenity Prayer for Mothers:

May God grant me the serenity to accept my child for who she is,
The courage to discipline and correct bad behavior,
And the wisdom to know the difference.


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