Thursday, March 14, 2013


On this bitterly cold day, I am thinking about Spring. The daffodils have started blooming and we have had some wonderfully warm days. The Bumper got to play outside two days this week. On the first day I took her out, it took a little coaxing but once she felt the warm breeze she was hooked. Everything about the backyard delighted her: the stray cats lounging in the sun, the remnants of last years garden (the compost pile especially fascinated her), the bright yellow daffodils lifting their heads to the sun, and the seemingly endless sticks to be picked up. Then she saw IT. A huge pile of sand and dirt left by the workmen who repaired the furnace. My little Bumper fell in love. She slid in the dirt, she climbed the dirt and she stamped in the dirt.
 On the second day however, she came into her own. She took her little pail and shovel, and while I tried to put the yard and garden in some semblance of order, and she dug and dumped over and over until she was covered in dirt from her eyebrows to her toes, and some places I didn't even know dirt could go. Bath time last night was so much fun, in went a dirty little Bumper and out came a clean, incredibly tired little Bumper who went right to sleep. This mama couldn't be more pleased. I can not wait until true Spring and then Sumer when we will have many more days like yesterday!


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