Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teeth, Trantrums, and Toddling

 My little bumper has her first teeth. They were such an awful long time coming in, and they hurt her so very much the poor little mite, but now they are here! To coincide with the arrival of her teeth, the bumper has started throwing temper tantrums. Her crying is now about what she wants as well as what she needs. Lucky me I get to figure it out *grin*. The other big news around our household is that she is regularly cruising the the furniture. She just learned to crawl a month ago, and now she is trying to walk. This would not be alarming except that the bumper has developed a fondness for all things paper. She loves books, and eats them every chance she gets. 

I have some crochet projects I plan to share soon, my first efforts with my new hobby!


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