Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Half - Birthday

The bumper turned six months old on Monday. I am in shock. I simply can NOT belive my baby is a whole half year!. She turning into such a neat little person already. She laughs, she rolls over, she squeals, and she puts everything she sees into her mouth. She and I had dual colds last week and she lost her voice. It was so funny to see the looks of  surprise and dismay we she tried to "talk" and could not. When her voice came back  yesterday she wasted no time in letting her daddy and me know. She squealed just as loud and long as she was able, so much so she made herself a little hoarse.
Last night she had enough appetite to eat her cereal again and she kept trying to to do it all by herself. I can see I will have my hads full when she is older!
I am so very grateful to be spending this time with her. The bumper won't rember these moments, but I will.

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