Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Man Cave

Matt and I are doing some rearranging, and things are bit -- okay a lot-- more chaotic around here than normal. I am not generally a super neat and tidy person, but even this has me rattled. When we first moved into home, everything was in complete disarray, the movers packed things randomly without labeling which room the boxes came from or went into. For example I might unpack a box sitting in the kitchen, only to find all the stuff in it belonged to the bedroom, or bathroom etc... Then a little more than a week later the bumper was born. (I would definitely not recommend moving and immediately having a baby.)  Our friends and family rallied and helped us. The house was put in some semblance of order and it has remained in that state for the last six months. WE are slowly finding places for everything and throwing or giving away what we no longer need. The last part of this is the MAN CAVE.
What is a Man Cave? It is a place the man of the place can claim as his. The Man Cave is a place free from feminine meddling. A wife does not and should not clean or judge what is in the Man Cave.  In Mat’s case it is a place he can store his electronic stuff and tinker to his heart’s content.
  Originally we sectioned off a bedroom and part of the finished basement. (I had had dreams of Christmases spent sipping hot apple cider in front of the fire place in the other part.) That turned out to be a bad idea. The man cave spread. I kept finding drill bits in the living room, circuit boards in the kitchen, and tools on all three levels of our town house. Enough was enough.
We came to the sane decision that a split man cave just was not working. All of Matt's stuff needed to be in one place. So a couple of weekends ago we began the process of moving things from the upstairs bedroom to the basement. It has worked wonders, even though we still have a lot work to do to finish the transfer. He has a place to unwind after a day at the office and I peace of mind.
 What about those Christmases in front of the fire? I have gladly traded them in for the knowledge that my now mobile bumper will not be stuffing solder into her mouth.

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