Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving (Part One)

My husband and I have been in a frantic search for a house. Our apartment lease is up on the 30th of November, and we simply can not afford to stay here any longer. We had put in two offers over the past week and within two days there were competing bids.  The first house we looked at, and really liked, we could not afford. We were able to buy it, but not to actually live there! The second place was a really nice home in our price range, but the owners couldn't move out until the 17th  of December and my husband and I would have been homeless  for seventeen days!

Finally we have found a home we can afford and move into when our  lease is up. Yay! All we have to do is work out the closing, home inspections, and other little details.

Keep us in your prayers:)


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