Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring Walk

Way back in mid-April we had spat of good weather, and I went for a walk around our neighborhood. I was feeling a bit down that day, and I find taking a walk often gets me out of my negative head space. On that day I was in no particular hurry and I did not have anywhere pressing to be. Nana was watching the Bumpers, so I was free to meander as I pleased ( I really enjoy days like that because they are few and far between). As I walked along tree lined streets festooned in an array of blossoms, I couldn't help but feel very thankful.  Usually when I go for a walk I am in it for the exercise and hurry along hardly noticing my surroundings, but on that day I stopped frequently taking lots of pictures.

I took the time to explore, discovering along the way hidden trails in the park, geese nesting, front yards with white picket fences, a fire station with our country's flag flying in the brisk breeze.  There were times I just stopped, stood still and smiled. It took awhile, but I realized I felt happy. Such a small thing, but there it was.  Little by little and day by day I am recovering more of myself.

P.S. Still in a mad dash to finish the hat and booties.


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