Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winter's Last Rally (Maybe)

The night the storm began
It seems that Mother Nature missed the memo reminding her that this time of year is supposed to be spring in this hemisphere. Winter has lingered and lingered. I am more than ready for the warm up that is supposed to come next week. I want to see daffodils, and tree blossoms, I want to feel the warms sunshine on my face, I want to hear the birds chirping at an obnoxious hour of the morning, I want to post pictures of robins, and tulips, and blue skies.
The morning after

Poor little Daffodil
Mother Nature does not care about what I want. Instead she gifted my corner of the United States with a late snowstorm. I may be grumbling, but the Bumper is ecstatic. This was her "last" chance to play in the fluffy white stuff she has come to love. When she woke up the first thing she asked me was if we could go out and play. Her second request was for me to get clean snow and pour maple syrup on it. I admit I was rather reluctant, but I cast off my doubts and went outside. I am happy I did. It was so much fun watching her make snow angels, and tried to find the perfect snowball. The air was sharp and cold with just a hint of the warmth of days to come.

Bumper and Snow bear
We played until our faces and hands were red. When we finally went back indoors I had one last surprise for the Bumper- I had gotten up early in the morning, scooped up some fresh snow and poured the last of the maple syrup over it. The Bumper was delighted and her delight warmed my heart.

Backyard in March
Soon warm weather will be here and these chilly days will be just memories: ones I hope the Bumper will cherish because I know I will.


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