Sunday, November 17, 2013

Autumn Splendor

I love it when the air changes from warm to cool for fall. I love the crisp hint of winter in the air and I am a complete sucker for the changing leaves. I adore the brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows this region produces. This year has not yet been good for fall colors. It has been too dry and hot or too wet or too something. So I am going to post a few pictures from last year.
The Bumper has had a nasty cold for the last several days and  much as I enjoy snuggling by the fire with her I am anxious to have her well.
One of the highlights of this Autumn has been watching the Bumper eagerly call out the colors on the trees. She has also been fascinated by the squirrels hiding their acorns. Whenever we go walking in the woods, the Bumper insists we walk quietly so as not to scare the squirrels and make them forget where they have put their nuts.
It has been so much fun experiencing this season with a small child, her pure joy lifts my spirits.
Ok this is a bit of a cheat, these are our mum from this year.
I just love how cozy the house look snuggled into the foot hills
The soft warm colors are so pretty
This fireball stood out
More mellow trees that make me want to curl up with some tea.

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