Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lazy Days

The Bumper has had so much fun this past week. She has had her favorite babysitter over every single day. They have gone to the park, played with her blocks, colored, played in the back yard, chased each other around the house and generally done all the things kids should do on summer break.
I have been using this time to put out resumes and write, or at least that is what I had planned to do. Ah! planning, when will I ever learn? The Bumper's babysitter is only 14yrs old. I had forgotten what it was like being 14. I had also forgotten that 14yr old boys also need to be taken care of. Throw a bored younger brother into the mix, and it all adds up to a busy week for me, because instead of one child I had three! So in reality I wrote one short story and have almost completed one job application. The rest of the time I have been playing referee.
Yesterday we went to see the Bumper's dad. He is doing much better. He can speak reasonably clearly now, although his voice still sounds hollow and far away. The Bumper was able to play hide and seek with him. She did all the hiding and seeking, but he was able to count to ten, for her. The Bumper took delight in being strong enough to push him down the hallway in his wheelchair. These visits are a bit of a trial for me because I am waiting for the nastiness ( the form of accusations an ride comments from him) to begin again. Yet, I am glad the visits give the Bumper such pleasure.

I have decided to go back to being a vegetarian with the goal of being vegan for a while. My body feels so much better when I eat that way. Tomorrow I will be trying to come up with something healthy and delicious and vegan for a party I am going to. The Bumper's babysitter has already requested vegan snicker doodles, I wonder what else I can come up with?




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