Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

I was never one in college to pull all night cram sessions. I was a strictly in bed by nine type of girl, so I was completely unprepared for the schedule of a new mama. My little one seems to be a confirmed night owl!. She likes to sleep during the day and is awake all night long. She isn't fussy, or cranky, and I have been blessed that she does not have colic, just a touch of reflux, but she is wide awake and ready to go!. As a result I have become acquainted with hours of the night hitherto unknown to me.
These days I am lucky if I get four hours of uninterrupted sleep, I spend most of my waking moments bleary eyed and covered in baby barf (somehow she always manages to miss the burp cloth). I have learned, though to laugh at my self. One night, or rather at 2:30 in the morning, when my beloved daughter had just blown out two diapers in the space of 15min, I leaned over on the changing pad, looked her in the eye and said "Are you done? Seriously, are you done?" and this little blessing  from God grunted, shot stream of poo clear across the room, sighed and fell asleep right there. All I could do, after changing her into yet another fresh diaper, was stand there and giggle. I know I will look back with longing when she is older, but I am not there yet. For now I am still in the trenches.
I say all of this because my husband has noted that my blog posts are riddle with errors and I am supposed to be a writer. So I am asking for you indulgence dear friends, as I go through this season of my life. Right now my thoughts are a bit rambling, and not as precise as I would wish, yet I will continue to post for as long as God will allow.


  1. Blog posts riddled with errors? No, just overloaded with YUK. Pooh stream across the room - yuk

  2. Oh please do keep writing! It returns me to the days when all my siblings were so much younger and my mother wasn't able to take care of them so I had to fill in on the mummy position! Yes, sometimes it's hard, but laughter can make the job so much easier. I remember once when the baby was barfing on me, and the two and four year old had stomach flu and all three got me at once. I stood in the bathroom, cleaning them, and me, up and started to just laugh my head off. My father thought I'd gone clean crazy, but it was just the irony that I didn't have to clean up three separate messes 'cause they all went to me, and I was the only thing that was messy that caused my sense of humour to kick in.
    I'll be praying for you as I know that sleep depravation can be really hard on one's body and mind, but you can make it through this all!