Monday, January 11, 2016

Sick Day or Month or Whatever

This January is turning out to be the month of illness. First I was sick, still am, with some sort of stomach bug, then a sinus infection which turned into asthmatic bronchitis. I was bed ridden pretty much until this past Sunday; even then  I coughed my way through most of the service. Then the Bumper came down with a version of the stomach flu. She started vomiting at around 10pm on Saturday  and kept going at two hour interval until 8am on Sunday. At least two of the episodes she caught me full in the face. Yep I spent most of the night covered in kid barf... ah the joys of motherhood. I know I was sleep deprived because I found it funny that we were being ceremonially re baptized ( Whereby the priest sprinkles the entire congregation with holy water) and a scant two hours before I was drenched in vomit. I saw it as a rather blunt metaphor for sin and redemption through Christ.
The Bumper was feeling much better today and she should be ready to go back to school tomorrow, but now Nana is sick. We have all been drinking loads of hot tea and eating lots of soup.

p.s. The Bumper's mittens turned out rather Seussian

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