Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Quick Jaunt to the Seaside (Which sounds more adventureous than a "Drive to the Beach")

As is the way with March around here, Wednesday was glorious. Temperatures in the mid to upper sixty degrees Fahrenheit. The Bumper could hardly be kept indoors and I did not want to keep in. We found every excuse to be outside. Checking the mail, getting the morning paper, feeding the birds, prepping her raised bed (Nana helped the Bumper with that), I even opened up the windows and doors to let in fresh air. We could practically feel the warmth of spring on the breeze and we basked in it.

And then there was yesterday. Yesterday was cold and blustery enough to make Winnie the Pooh proud. It was rather a nasty shock, as it meant the Bumper and her friends had no playground time at school. Maybe it was the splendor of the day before which prompted her, but in the middle of all our grousing and complain about the shift in weather Nana suggested we go for a drive. Since being stuck for the rest of the afternoon with a grumpy, pent up four year old was not in the least appealing I readily agreed. The Bumper on the other hand, took some convincing. She wanted a firm destination; she wanted to go to a playground, but it was too cold.  So Nana told her we were going to listen to the frogs sing. This intrigued the Bumper enough to get in the car are we were off to find spring peepers.

I'm sure the cars behind us though we were crazy as Nana stopped the car every so often and the Bumper stuck her head out the window occasionally exclaiming "I hear them Nana! I hear them!"
I meanwhile ,bundled up in my coat, tried to crochet. I found it was better to pretend to concentrate on my work, than to let the Bumper think I was laughing at her enthusiasm. I wasn't really, I was very happy she was so excited y something as simple as springtime frogs. On and on we drove in this fashion until we finally arrived at Assateague Island National Seashore.

The wind coming off the ocean was far too bitter for us to go walking, but that did not stop us from spotting and taking pictures of the islands most famous inhabitants: the wild ponies.  Apparently the Bumper did not remember seeing them last year, she was enthralled and asked a whole bunch questions and even took some pictures all by herself.

All in all the drive did us good. We got out of the house, got the hear an evening chorus of frogs, watching the ever shifting blues of the ocean and even spotted a lone para sail! We return home in much better spirits than when we left.

I am eagerly awaiting for the warmer temperatures and longer days I know are coming, in the meantime I will make the best of what tempestuous March has to offer.


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