Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow Day?

Ready to get to work.

I have not been around much because we are busy getting ready for the Fiesta of El Santo Nina de Cebu. Nana and the Bumper are both dancing this year, and I am helping to sew costumes. By helping I mean ironing and  keeping the Bumper occupied while Nana does the actual sewing. The dances are all Filipino folk dances which require a lot of practice, so all of our Saturdays have been taken up with dance practice.
All done!

The Bumper danced last year, but she mostly wandered off and did her own thing. This year she is a lot more focused and is doing her best to follow along. She likes the music and being with other kids.

First Snowfall
We woke up to a snow day today, and the Bumper was really excited! She could hardly standstill to be dressed, she wanted to rush outside in her pajamas's. I was not as happy. It was just enough snow to close school in our area -- about an inch, but not enough to be really fun. Which meant after her first mad dash outside, there was not much for her to do.  There was only time for the Bumper to build a really tiny snowman, make some footprints, and pelt me with snowballs, before the snow switched over to rain. The Bumper was quite put out and I don't blame her, I mean if school has been cancelled the snow ought to be decent enough to play all day in!

For the rest of the day we will bake cookies for the fiesta, the Bumper has asked to snuggle in front of the fire in her sleeping bag for a little while, Nana will finish the rest of the sewing, and genrally just try to stay warm and busy.

Keep Warm!


I am so very thankful for a snug roof over my head, warmth and plenty of food in the pantry on days like this.  The roads are slick and the weather cold, if I don't have to venture out I won't. If am very lucky I will be able to sneak in some crochet and knit in today.

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