Monday, May 12, 2014

Into the Garden (Part 2)

Planting flowers is serious!
It time for an update on our family's organic gardening venture, and folks we are off to a shaky start. Thanks to a lingering winter, I'm looking at you Mister Groundhog, we have been late getting the plants into the ground. In fact we only finished prepping some of the beds this past weekend! Right now I am very thankful that I am not living on the frontier back in the 19th century when all the pioneers had to eat they either grew themselves, hunted, or did without! Nana is waiting on the loan of a rotor-tiller to prep the main garden. We plan to grow the usual suspects: tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, carrots, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, and peppers. We are also trying to grow cucumbers, eggplant and pumpkins (last year the pumpkins were a dismal failure).

One bed down, the rest of the yard to go!

Fresh herbs!

This curry smells so good!

So far we have only managed to get the herbs going, nothing else is in the ground yet.

More herbs-- the Bumper planted these!
Our biggest obstacle, aside from the weather, is the Bumper. She is a willing little helper, but sometimes her idea of help is more of a hindrance-- yesterday evening every time Nana planted something, the Bumper pulled it up! It was really hard not to laugh, so finally I had to take the Bumper inside with me in order for Nana to get anything done. The Bumper was very disappointed, and pressed her face to the screen door and pouted... until she saw the kittens.

When the Bumper discovered that one of the outside cats (Mama Patches) had birthed her kittens, she ran outside and embarked on a quest to find where the kittens had been hidden. It turns out that Mama Patches got quite creative this year for the kittens have been tucked away under the eaves.  We hope she will move them down under the back porch soon.

So now we have kittens as well as a vegetable garden to tend to and the Bumper couldn't be happier!


p.s. I am also involved in some crochet mandala mania and hope to have pictures to share soon!

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