Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lost and Found

I finally have a new memory card for my camera and I hope to be adding pictures to my blog soon.
I will be attending a vigil for the victims of domestic violence on Wednesday.
I am enjoying the unusually warm Autumn weather and have been taking the Bumper to the park nearly every day. She just loves to be out doors, and I love to be out doors with her.
I promise I will finish my crochet project Someday:).
I am taking a computer class, going through a separation, and possible divorce, trying to deepen my faith, make time for prayer, become a better mother, homemaker, writer, and find a way to earn a living so I can support myself and my daughter. WHEW! I am tired.
What do I do when I am tired? I rest in HIM. God be praised.!
Have a lovely Sunday.

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