Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letter to Marie on her First Birthday

December 6, 2011
Dear Marie,
One year ago at 9:35pm you were born. You came early, you were not supposed to be born until December 23rd. I guess you just couldn’t wait to see the world. The moment your father put you into my arms and I heard your cries, and seeing your tiny fingers grip mine, I knew I faced no greater responsibility and joy than being your mother. I was so scared; here you were so small and helpless. You needed me for everything and I didn’t know where to begin. I was so worried I would make so many mistakes; I wanted to be the best mother I could for you.
 Well here we are one year later and it has been a wonderful, challenging, wild ride. I did make plenty of mistakes, but in spite of my worries and fears you grew and thrived. You went from a mewling infant to a headstrong toddler. You have the sweetest smile and the most stubborn temper! I have watched you struggle to figure things out (You were determined to crawl in your own way) and had the pleasure of seeing you succeed. My heart broke every time you fell and bumped your head and it sang every time you mastered a new skill. As you leave babyhood behind I face the challenge of finding the balance between sheltering you and letting go. This past year I have witnessed you learn to hold up your head, then roll, then scoot, then crawl and now you run. I have seen your first smile, heard your first laugh and felt your first hug. It is my prayer for you that God will allow you to continue to grow healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit in the next year.
I am looking forward to growing with you.

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